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Ten with Ben 018: State of the Market

In our latest Ten with Ben, we sit down with BA’s own Dan Fernitz and Justin Kessler to discuss the state of the market. What were the big trends in 2022? Will they carry over to 2023? What’s next for the flight-to-quality, the return-to-office, supercharged amenities, suburbs vs downtown, foreclosures, and distress. With over a century’s worth of cumulative market knowledge at the table, the conversation was wide-ranging, well-informed, and chock full of insights.

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Ten With Ben 017: Meet Eric Janssen

This week on Ten with Ben, we meet with Eric Janssen, president and founder of Chicago Real Estate Resources (CRER), a full-service commercial real estate firm with a focus on investment, retail, and office leasing and a fellow Chicago affiliate of TCN. Eric is an award-winning and well-traveled real estate professional with a multitude of diverse experiences under his belt and has been working in the Chicago market for over three decades. Expertly weathering the challenges in today’s market, Eric’s optimism encourages his brokers to adapt to the changes and persevere, noting “it always comes back.”

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Client Success Story: Lindsay, Pickett & Postel, LLC

Lindsay, Pickett & Postel, LLC (LPP) was occupying two separate offices in the same building and wanted to consolidate to a single, high-class, high-rise space with east-facing views and abundant natural light. Bradford Allen identified suitable options, negotiated hard for client-friendly terms, and provided a solution for the client to sublease its existing spaces.

Watch the video to hear Managing Partner Christopher J. Pickett discuss working with the Azulay Team at Bradford Allen’s Tenant Representation Practice.


Ten with Ben 016: “Meet Ross Ford”

On Ten With Ben, we regularly speak with experts in their respective fields, but rarely has a guest come with such an immense amount of market knowledge. Ross Ford is a fourth-generation commercial real estate professional. And with nearly a quarter-century at the helm of TCN Worldwide, a consortium of independent commercial real estate firms, Ross has seen the ups and downs of several market cycles across every real estate segment. One lesson that holds true across time is that real estate is a “business of the moment.”

And in this particular moment–full of uncertainty and disruption and opportunity—the value of a professional broker/agent has never higher. We were excited to sit down with Ross and get his perspectives on the state of current market. We always learn something new and valuable speaking with Ross, and we know you will too.

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Ten with Ben 015: “Meet Michelle Jones”

Today we are joined by Michelle Jones, Director of Interiors at Shive-Hattery. With over 20 years’ design experience, Michelle has always been driven by creating something new and bringing it to life — the office is an art form. With so many facets, there is always something to be learned throughout each project while staying on top of trends.

But in today’s ever-changing world, the biggest question seems to be, “how do we do the next project better?” Bringing an architect in from the beginning of your project is the best place to start. In order to create a true collaboration among office tenant and architect, timing is key. Even while touring space, Michelle suggests bringing your architect along to provide critical feedback and visionary tools to provide crucial elements in a thoughtful vision for your workplace.

It’s clear that the office is here to stay, so how do you build a space when you don’t know what the next five years will look like? Are there best practices for tenants to follow?

Michelle’s advice: start with asking how you’re going to use your space.

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