Bradford Allen recruits highly motivated, intuitive, hard-working individuals and provides them with an entrepreneurial environment in which to thrive.

Our dedicated team of professionals is the cornerstone of our success, comprising valuable experience from a spectrum of different practices. This panoramic perspective enables us to understand and execute alternative strategies that bring you a distinct advantage.


Matthew Alexander

Joel Berger

Jake Blesi

Nicholas Braglia

Andy DeMoss

Dan Fernitz

Steve Fitzgerald

Alex Gordon

Jim Higdon

Julie Johnson

Justin Kessler

Nathan Meisner

Norm Murdoch

Craig Nadborne

Ronan Remandaban

Allison Reynolds

Riley Schleifer

Jonathan Seeley

Jon Silvers

Chris Surico

Amy Zelasco

Consulting & Investment Advisory
John Butler

Chuck Hoag

Brian Carley

Justin Puisis

Tom O'Reilly

Joseph Donini

Architectural Services & Project Management

Robert Isaac

Steven Lerner

Finance & Property Accounting

Sam Haddad

Sherry Ashcraft

Prema Subramanian

Lei Huang

John Schreiber

Cindy Cornelius

Olivia Gao

Waleitha Marlowe

Marketing & Research

Cody Cunningham

Jeremy Freeze

Taylor Bieniek

Alyssa Murdoch

Rhea Stephen

Property Management

Roger Clark

Donald Wisinski

Jola Rozwadowska

Asset Management

Brian Dovalovsky

Michael Pontarelli

Logan Sangdahl

Human Resources & Support

Ellen Solner

Lissette Andrade

Alicia McAlevy

Jessica Velazquez