Bradford Allen recognizes that today’s healthcare environment has changed and continues to change dramatically.

Real estate transactions and managing facilities involving healthcare providers require a tailored and expansive approach as the impact on the patient’s comfort and environment is paramount.

Bradford Allen Medical focuses on all aspects of healthcare real estate solutions by consistently analyzing current market conditions, trends and the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare industry. We have a thorough knowledge of the myriad of considerations that today’s providers must consider – from code requirements to regulatory issues, environmental concerns, special patient needs, access and security.

Drawing upon the strengths of our entire organization, Bradford Allen Medical is made up of seasoned real estate professionals with experience relating to and negotiating with health care providers.

The Team has two components: brokerage and support.

Brokers and Managers are appointed to a healthcare assignment based solely on their relevant experience. Each has a specific role to play and all have significant transactional expertise and solid relations within the medical community. Having an appropriately staffed brokerage or management team ensures that the project has proper daily attention and full market penetration.

A group of devoted, intelligent professionals back-up the brokerage team providing the requisite analytics, research and marketing coverage. It is our belief that proper support and placing the right “people resources” at the disposal of the brokers allows them to focus their energies and efforts on finding and securing tenants.

Our true team concept provides the client with clear communication, real-time market information and systematic reporting. Regular internal meetings and consistent oversight by the team leaders and the firm’s principals assures accountability and consistent and sustained leasing performance.