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Bradford Allen was founded on entrepreneurial spirit and provides its clients with a fresh perspective, extensive market knowledge and the many advantages afforded by long-standing industry relationships.

Principals and Co-founders Jeffrey A. Bernstein and Laurence B. Elbaum, veteran brokers from New York City, actively lead Bradford Allen’s talented pool of experienced professionals. The management team is insistent upon and known for providing clients with creative solutions, absolute integrity and aggressive representation. Their commitment to accountability, fostered by their managed brokerage approach, ensures the conflict-free representation of each client and a consistent level of comprehensive service on every assignment.

The Bradford Allen management team promotes an entrepreneurial, working environment that fosters the continued success and development of its professionals. Bernstein and Elbaum actively manage the brokerage firm by tracking the on-going activity of the organization and its professionals. The transparency and accountability resulting from the managed brokerage approach creates a conflict-free environment and promotes the success of the firm, its individual professionals and most importantly, the interests of the client.