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Jill’s Top 5 Articles From This Week

  1. Experts say it’s time to move in these design directions to keep workers engaged and get the most out of your office space. You might think that the reams of analysis done on office space would have by now turned every workplace into a humming hive of engagement and productivity. Earlier this year, we even got an advance look at a research paper that outlined alternative design strategies to make workers happier. – Fast Company
  2. Biggest Chicago real estate deals of 2015. The Chicago real estate market gained momentum in 2015, as prices kept rising, developers kept building and big tenants kept moving. – Crain’s Chicago
  3. The downtown office market continues to heat up as real estate powerhouse John Buck Company has announced a deal for Chicago-based CNA Financial to anchor its upcoming 35-story Class A office tower at 151 N. Franklin. – Curbed Chicago
  4. This morning, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released preliminary November 2015 unemployment rates for all Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs). The unemployment rate measures the percentage of the local workforce that reports itself as being out of work, information that the government collects by surveying households. – World Business Chicago
  5. The beginning of a tightening cycle is a positive sign for the way experts view the economy,‘s chief economist Peter Muoio tells The firm recently released its latest Commercial Real Estate Nowcast, which revealed that commercial valuations in November increased 46 basis points from October. – Globe St.