Chicago Commercial Real Estate – In the News

Tom’s Recommended Reading for the Week

  1. A Chicago Masterpiece Rediscovered – Even though downtown Chicago has a worldwide reputation for great architecture, many of its treasures suffer from neglect and disinvestment. But an increasing number of businesses believe that occupying historically-significant space can bring a type of prestige that modern office buildings… Globe St.
  2. As Office Space Shrinks, So Does Privacy for Workers – Dafna Sarnoff worked her way up to vice president at American Express and what she remembers as “a desirable office.” Later she was hired by a financial services company — bigger salary, bigger office. Then, in 2012, she was recruited by Yodle, a smaller, newer company that sells online marketing tools for small businesses…. New York Times
  3. Cushman & Wakefield Going Up for Sale – The Italian family that controls Cushman & Wakefield Inc., one of the world’s largest real-estate services firms, is putting the company up for sale as rising property prices push up the value of rivals, according to people familiar with the matter… Wall Street Journal
  4. More New Jobs Are in City Centers, While Employment Growth Shrinks in the Suburbs – For decades, most Americans working in metropolitan areas have gone to work outside city centers – in suburban office parks, stores or plants, not downtown skyscrapers. But as people increasingly choose to live in cities instead of outside them, employers are following…. New York Times
  5. The Smart Way to Create a Transparent Workplace – Transparency. The concept is as simple as it is alluring. By making sure employees conduct their work in plain view—visible in open offices, monitored with sensing technology and tracked through digital activity—companies hope to increase accountability, collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation… Wall Street Journal