CRE Office Pulse 003: “Seize the Day, Seize the Deal”

The pandemic is not over, but with vaccination rates rising and public health mitigations easing, office market activity is picking up. Now may be the right time for landlords and tenants to act.

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CRE Office Pulse 002: “Then & Now The Lingering Side Effects of COVID-19”

One year into the pandemic we sat down with four senior brokers to reflect on the suburban and downtown office markets from the landlord and tenant representative perspectives.

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CRE Office Pulse 001: “Home from Work is Not Working from Home”

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a global recession and is affecting the office market landscape in fundamental ways. In this CRE Office Pulse, we explore the implications for Chicago’s landlords and tenants.

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VIDEO — BA InFocus 001: “On Cold Storage”

In our debut episode of In Focus, Rhea Stephen and Ronan Remandaban are joined by Amit Hasak, CEO of Transship, to talk cold storage. From refrigerators to shipping cargo containers, cold storage is an integral part of the food supply chain, especially with the global consumption of frozen foods. However, as our speakers discuss, there is a deficit in available cold storage space, both locally and nationally, and not all industrial or warehouse space can be converted to cold storage space. Listen as they talk pros and cons.