Bradford Allen Announces New Methodology for Suburban Chicago Office Market Report

CHICAGO –  Bradford Allen Realty Services, a Chicago-based commercial real estate firm, today announced expanded and improved market research capabilities for the suburban Chicago office market. Beginning with the fourth quarter 2012, the enhanced market reports will provide greater insight into the current status and emerging trends in the suburban Chicago office market.

“Our primary goal was to eliminate geographical outlier properties that can skew the accuracy of reported numbers,” says Joel Berger, senior managing director with Bradford Allen. “As Chicagoland expanded outward over the last two decades, each of the suburban submarkets began to include more remote areas that are not necessarily relevant or meaningful.  The market reports for many other national real estate firms include these areas as part of their search parameters, and therefore those statistics can be misleading.”
Berger went on to explain that by creating a formula to eliminate the properties that skew the accuracy and merit of the statistics, the Bradford Allen report will offer more meaningful information that clients can use to make sound real estate decisions.
In addition to refining the database and adjusting for the most relevant properties, a new segment of these new reports offer details for five new “micro-markets” within the four major submarkets. When clients now review each of the major suburban submarkets, they can see detailed information on a much more granular and actionable level.
Ultimately, the goal is to ensure that both our tenant and landlord clients were being presented with the best possible information on the suburban office markets.

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