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Bradford Allen Capital (BAC) is a subsidiary of Bradford Allen Enterprises, a privately owned full-service real estate investment advisory firm based in Chicago, IL.

BAC originates, funds and services permanent, bridge and construction financing in the form of senior-secured debt and mezzanine debt for commercial properties in non-coastal MSA’s nationwide.

BAC commands the market intelligence and quantitative analysis required to evaluate an opportunity in days rather than weeks. If an opportunity is a fit, with agreement on business terms, we will issue a term sheet and move to closing in a timely manner. Dedicated in-house transaction staff and direct servicing assures that BAC’s capital will be where it’s needed on time.

Our mezzanine and bridge investments are funded directly with our own capital, while permanent senior debt investments are funded by an exclusive group of life insurers and institutional investment funds for whom we act as correspondent. In either case, BAC retains servicing, so our borrowers always know who to call when they have an issue that needs special attention.

For more information, please contact:

Chuck Hoag
Senior Managing Director
312.994.5657 .